The Gear Units at ASAP are to teach you how to choose your camera gear, how to look after it, how to sell it if you need to etcetera.

The Session Units on offer are;

G1. Choosing a camera – There are many cameras out there and anything decent is not cheap so knowing how to go about selecting the right camera for you is what this unit is about. Whether to buy new or second hand. Grey cameras from overseas vs White cameras (illegal import vs legal import basically, nothing to do with their colour). Digital Single Lens Reflex vs Mirrorless vs Happy Snap pocket cameras. Etcetera.

G2. Basic Camera Care – Once you have made the investment in camera gear it is a good idea to also know how to protect that investment. This unit is about how to look after your camera. It will focus mainly on DSLR cameras since the fact their lenses comes off makes them a bit of a target for dust and environmental nasties.

G3. Choosing Accessories – Having a camera is a great start but anyone touching photography soon realises that there are many many accessories out there to buy. Not only are there more lenses to get for the DSLR crowd, but there are tripods, monopods, reflectors, flashes, filters, bags etcetera. This unit will introduce you to each of these accessory categories so that you can start to make informed decisions about what to buy or not buy, and what to look for if you decide you need them.