Pretty Human Needed

The school’s Vision sessions (these are the artistic part of photography as opposed to the Skills sessions which are about getting the basic camera operator skills) are being formalised at the moment and for Portraiture there is the need for a face or two to portrait.

If you are interested in being photographed for an hour or so and being paid for that hour please make contact and find out more.

School Times for 2017

This year so far has had a very low demand for classes. I’ve thus been teaching mostly one on one sessions.

Prices are as advertised for each module, but if you book you’ll probably find yourself doing a one-on-one session for 2 hrs. Most students learn quite well in sessions like this so feel free to enquire.

It means that until demand picks up, there won’t be any planned sessions. They’ll occur at times that suit you and me.


Feel free to use the contact form below to ask about sessions.