The teaching at ASAP happens mostly in the field in Photography Sessions that are focused on the area you need to know most. The doing part of photography is emphasised, but sometimes you just have to learn a bit of theory, especially if you are new to photography.

In general a Photography Session will be at most 4 people, but more often than not just you or you and another person. You will be told how many people are expected before the session since most session times are organised over the phone.

If you would like a private session for just you, or you and a few friends, that is fine, just let me know. It does not cost more to do a private session since session costs are based on numbers.

If it is you alone then the cost is $100.

If it is you and a friend then it is $160 total, ($80 each)

You and two friends then it is $180 ($60 each)

Four people is $200.

If you need to know more or discuss a session, please give me a call or send an email and we can talk.