Vision units are where you will learn the art part of photography. This is the place where you’ll take your camera operator skills and apply them to the creation of the images that you have floating around in your head or that you see every day as you walk around.

A good thing to do is ask yourself what type of photographer you are in general.

My observation is that there are broadly two types of photographers; Artistic and Journalistic.

Here’s my definition.

Artistic Photographers – To paraphrase, APs don’t let the truth stand in the way of a good image. They don’t let what is in front of their camera define the image they end up with. They are happy to combine elements from different images to get their final result. If they want sheep in a paddock with a mountain, they may shoot sheep, a paddock and a mountain and put the elements together.
When they do portraits, if they don’t like the subject’s eye colour, they’ll change it. They get rid of scars perhaps or change the overall proportions of their subject.

Journalistic Photographers – Again to paraphrase, a JP is just the facts ma’am, just the facts. The truth of the image is important to them. If a paddock had no sheep, then it had no sheep. If a portrait subject has a scar or a pimple, then it stays. This isn’t to say that a JP won’t shoot an emotional, sensitive beautiful portrait, it is just that a JP won’t change any of the truth of the image beyond what they can do with their camera. They won’t Photoshop a model thinner or fatter.

Now although any one photographer may overlap these two philosophies for shooting, my observation is that most photographers tend to lean very heavily on one side or the other.

(I tend to be a JP. If I shoot a client who is a model and they have a scar and a pimple, I know pimples are temporary, so I’ll remove it for them, but if left to me, the scar gets to stay.)

The following is a draft list of courses to be offered. I have left out explanations at this point until each unit’s material is finalised.

If you have a particular interest in one of the units below, feel free to drop me a note and I’ll let you know roughly when it is due to become available.

As they are finalised they will become available on the Bookings page.

V1. Portraiture A

V2. Portraiture B

V3. Landscape

V4. Action

V5. Night

V6. Fashion

V7. Glamour

V8. Art

V9. Commercial

V10. Macro

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